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Integrated Water Management

An integrated water management approach will help us meet the challenges of population growth and safeguard our water resources and environmental values for the future.

This strategy was developed for Western Water.

As Greater Western Water, we remain committed to collaborative water planning and management in our region to ensure water is managed holistically, and values and benefits are shared across multiple responsible organisations to achieve the best outcomes for the community and environment.

We are supporting integrated water management (IWM) through:

Catchment scale collaborative planning

Regional scale collaborative planning

Development scale collaborative planning

Integrated Water Management Strategy

An Integrated Water Management Strategy provides a platform to collaborate with our regional partners on projects that support strong communities. On 1 July 2021, Greater Western Water was formed by bringing together Western Water and City West Water. Our Integrated Water Management Strategy is being updated for Greater Western Water. The below strategy is for the area previously serviced by Western Water.