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Upcoming infrastructure projects

Western Water is investing in innovative capital projects across our service area to keep pace with the region’s growing population.

On this page you will find a non-exhaustive list of projects that Western Water is planning.

The list provides an indication of possible future projects, but should not be relied upon for tendering purposes. To see and respond to tenders or expressions of interests, please visit the Buying for Victoria portal.

Sunbury Outfall Sewer duplication

Western Water is planning for the construction of a duplicate sewer that will transfer sewage from the corner of Powlett and Brook Street to the Sunbury Recycled Water Plant on Harker Street. 1.3km of 750mm diameter gravity sewer pipe will be constructed beside the existing sewer main, which was built in 1975 and is now nearing capacity.

Sunbury Bald Hill to Diggers Rest water main

Planning is under way for a new water pipe from ‘Bald Hill’ in Sunbury to development land in Diggers Rest. The project involves the laying of 600mm pipe in the road reserve along Moore Road, Sunbury, and a 375mm pipe from Moore Road to land just west of Bloomdale Estate. Work also involves boring underneath the Calder Freeway.

Riddell Road Water Pump Station upgrade

Western Water is increasing pump capacity at the Riddell Road Water Pump Station in Sunbury from 16ML/day to 24 ML/day. Works involve construction of a new pump station building housing new pumps, variable speed drives and pipes, installation of new chemical dosing equipment and storage, and electrical, controls, instrumentation and programming. The old pump station building will also be decommissioned.

Phillip Drive Water Pump Station

Western Water is constructing a below ground water pump station at Phillip Drive, Sunbury. The new 20ML/d pump station will utilise horizontal mounted bore pumps to boost flows to the 20ML tanks on Riddell Road. Works will occur within a public land reserve.

Melton Water Main duplication

Western Water is duplicating 456 metres of 450mm water pipe in Melton to better manage water supply in the local area. Construction is through an industrial area along Melton Valley Drive near High Street.

Romsey High Level Water Tank replacement

Western Water is replacing the high level water tank in Romsey with a new 400KL tank, comprising two compartments. Works include duplication of the inlet pipeline and associated instrumentation and telemetry, access road improvements, and decommissioning of the old tank and pipework.

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