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Residential properties

See the fees and charges for Greater Western Water services at residential properties

The charges on this page apply to properties in the area previously serviced by Western Water.

Water usage

For the area previously serviced by Western Water, residents are charged for water based on the average amount of water they use each day. Class A recycled water, where available, is charged at a flat rate.

If a tenant lives in a residential property that is individually metered, they pay for water usage.

2022/23 charges:

Block 1: 0 - 440 litres per day$2.0967 per 1000 litres
Block 2: 441 - 880 litres per day$2.7820 per 1000 litres
Block 3: over 880 litres per day$3.9364 per 1000 litres
Class A recycled water (where available)$1.8578 per 1000 litres

Service availability charges

For the area previously serviced by Western Water, all properties, including vacant land, that have water, recycled water and/or sewerage services available to them are charged service fees.

These fees are split across three bills each financial year.

2022/23 charges:


20mm service (the most common service)$206.31 per year
25mm service$340.05 per year


All properties$506.34 per year

Class A recycled water (where available)

20mm service (the most common service)$122.85 per year
25mm service$192.02 per year

Western Water Efficiency Rebate

For the area previously serviced by Western Water, residential tenants receive an Efficiency Rebate of up to $75.37 in which will be spread across the three bills issued during 2022/23. A credit up to the full bill total will apply for any bills less than the rebate amount.

Melbourne Water's Waterway and Drainage Charge

Melbourne Water's Waterways and Drainage Charge applies to all properties within their Waterways and Drainage Boundary.

Greater Western Water collects the charge on behalf of Melbourne Water. The charges are split over three bills each financial year. However, those properties who do not receive Western Water services are charged the full amount once per year.

2022/23 charges:

Residential properties inside the Urban Growth Boundary$109.68 per year
All properties outside the Urban Growth Boundary$60.20 per year

Melbourne Water uses the funds to:

  • Improve river health through replanting, weed removal and erosion control
  • Provide grants to property owners and community groups to improve our waterways
  • Manage and improve larger regional drains
  • Operate and improve flood management and flood warning systems
  • Provide stormwater and drainage systems to service urban growth
  • Monitor and investigate waterways
  • Protect and improve water quality through improved stormwater management
  • Increase community and stakeholder engagement and involvement in programs
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of river health and flood management issues through education programs.

For more information, visit the Melbourne Water website.

To see what work Melbourne Water is undertaking near you, click here.

Landlords and tenants - who pays?

In general, in the area previously serviced by Western Water, landlords of residential properties pay:

  • service charges
  • Melbourne Water Waterways Charge
  • 'special meter read' fees, often charged when Western Water is notified of a tenancy change
  • water usage charges, if the property is not individually metered.

Tenants pay water usage charges if they occupy a property that is individually metered.