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When someone passes away

Losing loved ones and friends is a difficult and emotional time. When a Greater Western Water account holder passes away, we’re here to help.

How you can notify us

Australian Death Notification Service

The Australian Death Notification Service (ADNS) lets you notify multiple organisations of a death through one simple, secure online platform, reducing the number of difficult conversations.

It’s a free service that can be completed anytime, anywhere:

  • enter the details of the person who passed away
  • details are checked to confirm the death has been registered
  • enter your details as the notifier
  • choose which organisations to notify
  • your selected organisations are notified and will contact you within 10 business days.

Use the ADNS service.

Contact us directly

Alternatively, if you feel ready and comfortable, you can:

We can process account closures and/or transfers with:

  • Next of Kin
  • person managing the estate
  • Power of Attorney
  • Lawyer or solicitor
  • an Authorised representative listed on the account.

For privacy reasons, we may ask for supporting documents to confirm your relationship with the deceased.

When a property owner passes away

A solicitor will notify us when the property title has been updated at the Titles Office (where the ownership is legally changed). Once this happens, we will change the names on the account.

Are you experiencing financial difficulties?

We know it’s a difficult time, emotionally and financially. We have a range of payment support options to help residential customers experiencing genuine financial difficulties.

Discover our assistance programs.