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Non-residential property owner

Non-residential / commercial property owners are responsible for water and sewer bills.

Leasing your property

As the owner of a non-residential property, you are responsible for the water and sewer bills.

Some property owners choose to recover these costs from their tenant as part of the lease agreement. This is a private agreement between you and your tenant.

Buying or selling

  • Your solicitor or conveyancer should contact us to request an Information Statement and Special Meter Read. It includes any outstanding charges to be included in the settlement.
  • We won't send a final bill. Instead, the account is transferred to the new property owner.
  • After settlement your solicitor or conveyancer should send us a Notice of Disposition (if you're selling) or a Notice of Acquisition (if you're buying). We use this to transfer the account to the new owner.
  • We don't switch water off between ownership changes.