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When you rent a property, you should give at least two business days' notice before you move in or out.

That gives us time to:

  • read the water meter
  • set up a new account (if you're moving in), and:
  • close your account (if you're moving out).

Moving in

To let us know you're moving in, complete a residential tenancy advice form.

Things you should know:

  • We don't turn water off in between tenants. Water will be available when you move in.
  • Tenants are charged for the water they use. Landlords get their own bill for service availability charges.
  • If a property shares a water meter with other properties, the landlord is charged for both water use and service charges.

Have an eligible concession card? After you've moved, tell Centrelink your new address. You can then apply for a concession on your new Greater Western Water account.

Moving out

To let us know you're moving out, complete a residential tenancy advice form.

We'll read the water meter and send you a final bill.

Some of the tenants are changing

If some (but not all) of the tenants are changing, you need to close your old account and set up a new one.

Call us on 13 44 99 to arrange this.