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Direct debit

Save time by paying your water bill through direct debit.

With direct debit, you can choose to pay Greater Western Water:

  • your whole bill amount when it's due
  • fortnightly, or:
  • monthly.

A minimum payment amount of $10.00 applies.

Payments are deducted from your bank account. At this stage we cannot deduct payments from a credit card.

All customers on a direct debit payment plan will still receive an account from Greater Western Water.

Set up a direct debit

To set up a direct debit you'll need your bank account and Greater Western Water account details ready.

To get started:

If you are unable to log into My Water or contact us via webchat or SMS, you can use our direct debit online form.

Cancel a direct debit

To cancel a direct debit payment plan:

You must provide at least 3 days notice before your next debit date.

Direct Debit Service Agreement