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Plumbers and builders are required to let us know when plumbing work is complete on a new property and a water meter can be fitted.

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Before a water meter can be fitted, your must apply to connect to our network and undertake necessary plumbing work on the property.

20mm water meters (the most common type on residential properties)

Once a 20mm water meter assembly has been installed according to our Metering and Servicing Guidelines, the plumber or builder must use Western Water Connect to let us know the date a water meter can be fitted.

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Connections sized 25mm and above

Please call Western Water's Developer Services Team on (03) 9218 5560.


You don't need to pay additional fees to let us know a water meter can be fitted.

However, a $275.91 revisit fee applies in 2020/21 if we visit a property and:

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