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Online activities and worksheets

We’re pleased to offer a variety of fun and interactive activities, that cater to a range of ages and abilities, that can be used at home, either individually or with others.

We'll update these activities regularly. If you'd like to know when we've uploaded new activities, videos or competitions email us at and we'll be sure to let you know.

Share with Sammy the Snake to receive a certificate

Our mascot, Sammy the Snake, will send you a printable certificate via email for completing watery activities at home.

Simply share your completed activities, artworks or experiments, either by scanning or taking a photo, and send to or 0404 865 597 (please include an email address).

We can’t wait to see your creations!

One of our water heroes, Jakob, a grade 1 student from Kuranjang, sent in a picture of a rain gauge he made at home with his mum. Well done Jakob! Now all we need is a little rain to fill it up with :)

Jakob's homemade rain gauge.png

Ask Sammy

Do you have a watery question?

Email us at and we will answer it for you!


Colouring sheets


Conservation worksheets




Drinking water helps us maintain good health, keep up our energy levels and be able to think clearly. Place this in your bathrooms to help identify whether you are hydrated.


Unfortunately, there are many items that get flushed down toilets, which should be put into bins. Items such as toys, baby wipes and nappies can cause a lot of damage and over time clog up the pipes causing major problems. Place this in your bathrooms to help remember to think before you flush.

Video: What not to flush down the toilet

Watch this to learn more about our toilets and why only the three P’s; Pee, Poo and (loo) Paper, should be flushed down the toilet.

Virtual tour

Melbourne Water welcomes you to take a virtual tour of the Western Treatment Plant. Learn about and experience the Western Treatment Plant in all its glory... minus the smells!

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