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Greater Western Water provides a free preschool program for children four years and above at kindergartens and childcare centres.


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All of our free incursions can be conducted face-to-face or online using your preferred video conferencing platform. Make a booking or contact us for more information.

The preschool program includes a free 30 minute presentation provided by an experienced educator who explores the importance of water in our lives and encourage children to be waterwise.

With each presentation you'll get:

  • ideas for continued learning activities
  • access to engaging online materials including an eBook and colouring sheets


  • Water is Precious: This much-loved presentation includes a big book about how Sammy the Snake and Frances the Frog save water. Children will also get to open and explore a treasure box and sing and dance along to songs. Our famous Sammy the Snake and Frances the Frog puppets also make a special appearance.
  • Exploring Wonderful Water: This presentation gives children the opportunity to explore the concept of water, how it gets from the sky to our taps and the many ways we use it every day. Children can participate in exciting action songs, role plays, and use the engaging felt Water Wall to see the different roles water plays in our lives.

What others are saying

The program links in well with the current education frameworks for early childhood: sustainability, wellbeing and community. The ‘water is precious’ message is easy to understand at this age level and easy to continue talking about with the children and to follow through with various water saving ideas in our centre.” - Anne, TRY Kingsway Preschool

Ann engaged the children wonderfully in the learning experience. They loved Sammy, Frances and the BIG book.” - Jackie, TRY Melton West Preschool

The children thoroughly enjoyed the presentation throughout and enjoyed continued discussions about water over the following days.” -Glenys, Lerderderg Preschool

"We love this program! I’m thrilled to see it’s funding continued after many years of coming to this kindergarten. Your presenters, and the teaching aids that they use throughout the presentations are fantastic. It’s a very worthwhile incursion program and the messages for children and their families are very important.” - Julie, Melton Central Kindergarten

How to book

Video: Good hygiene and keeping healthy

Join our Education team along with mascots Sammy and Frances, as they teach pre-schoolers how to wash their hands properly to help fight germs and keep healthy.

Video: Star meditation with Lisa and Alice

This star meditation video provides a tool for educators to refocus their children, calm their minds, and can be done at any time. For example, at the start of the day, after morning/afternoon tea and/or lunch. It helps to improve wellbeing for everybody and it’s so easy to do.

Free resources

Dripping tap colouring sheet

Download and print the dripping tap colouring sheet.


What not to flush down the toilet poster

Unfortunately, there are many items that get flushed down toilets, which should be put into bins. Items such as toys, baby wipes and nappies can cause a lot of damage and over time clog up the pipes causing major problems.

Place our free poster in bathrooms to help children remember to think before they flush.


Water cycle poster

We have a free poster explaining the water cycle in an easy-to-understand way.


Hydration poster

Drinking water helps us maintain good health, keep up our energy levels and be able to think clearly.

Place our free hydration poster in bathrooms to help children identify whether they are hydrated.


Children's waterwise tips

Children's Waterwise Tips

A special thank you to all the children who have provided us with their waterwise tips. We are pleased to be sharing these and using your important messages to encourage others to be waterwise as well.

Melton Uniting Church Kindergarten (Melton)

  • “Drinking water is really healthy.”
  • “Water is precious.”

St Andrew's Kindergarten (Sunbury)

  • “Turn off the tap when you have finished washing your hands.”
  • “Always turn the taps off.”
  • “Fill the sink up to wash the vegetables.”
  • “Use a nozzle on the end of your hose, as it keeps the water in.”

Sunningdale Avenue Kindergarten (Sunbury)

  • “Stop the water from running, turn off the tap.”
  • “Take shorter showers.”
  • “Drink water, it is good for you.”

Young Street Preschool (Bacchus Marsh)

  • “Use a cup of water to clean your teeth. Don’t leave the tap on.”
  • “You have to be careful not to use too much water.”
  • “Don’t have too long a shower.”
  • “Don’t leave the water running outside.”
  • “Don’t waste water. Don’t stay in the shower too long!”

Learmonth Street Preschool (Sunbury)

  • “Always turn off the tap and use a bucket to wash your dog.”
  • “Don’t have a big, big shower!”
  • “Use a plug in the sink. It makes Sammy the Snake happy, because it does not waste water.”

Pentland Childcare and Kindergarten Centre (Bacchus Marsh)

  • “Tell Dad to use a bucket of water to wash the car.”
  • “We have a scraps bucket for leftover water from our drinks. We pour it on the garden.”

If you have any waterwise tips, artwork or stories you'd like to share with us, please email