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Sammy's Waterwise Club

Sammy the Snake and his waterwise friend Frances the Frog want preschool and primary school aged children to help save water.

Sammy's Waterwise Club is free to join and open to all preschool and primary school students in our region aged 3 - 12 years.

Children will receive a certificate and a welcome pack full of watery fun upon joining.

Throughout the year, members will have access to a range of activities and competitions (including some great prizes!).

Sammy also sends out yearly birthday cards to all members, and members should look out for a special surprise in the post when they turn 12 and graduate from Sammy's waterwise club!

Become a member

Complete the Waterwise Club Membership Form.

Stay tuned for more competitions and fun activities from Sammy. In the meantime, continue to enjoy SAMMY'S CHATTERBOX(3MB)

Competition: H20 (water), Health, Hand Hygiene and being Happy

During Term 3, we invited all members of Sammy’s Waterwise Club to show us how they use water to be Healthy and Happy.

We were blown away to have received over 100 entries!

Well done to all entrants, we loved seeing your creative ideas and artworks.

Entries were received in 5 categories:

  • Preschool
  • Prep
  • Year 1/2
  • Year 3/4
  • Year 5/6

Everyone received a participation certificate and great prizes were won in each category, including:

  • Winner: $50 Toyworld Voucher
  • Runner up: $25 Toyworld Voucher

We also had some special mentions for other outstanding entries and presented a special prize to Eynesbury Early Education for their amazing kindergarten group entry.

In total, we were excited to give out 15 prizes to members. They were:


  • Joint winners: Jesse and Tommy (4 years old)
  • Runner up: Abbey (4 years old)


  • Winner: Genevieve

Year 1 & 2:

  • Joint winners: Gracie (Year 1) and Lachlan (Year 2)
  • Joint runners-up: Heidi and Abigail (Year 1)

Year 3 & 4:

  • Winner: Jemma (Year 3)
  • Runner-up: Waleed (Year 3)

Year 5 & 6:

  • Winner: Emilia (Year 6)
  • Runner-up: Olivia (Year 5)

Special mention:

  • Claire (Year 4)
  • Eva (Year 6)

Kindergarten group entry:

  • Eynesbury Early Education: this wonderful entry was a collection of 12 kindergarten children's creations and ideas.

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