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Schools Water Efficiency Program

Find leaks, save water and promote water education in your school.

The Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP) is a Victorian Government initiative that enables schools to track their water usage using data logger technology.

Since 2012, SWEP has identified and saved participating Victorian schools more than 9 billion litres of water equating to a saving of more than $28.3 million dollars through early identification of leaks, faulty appliances and inefficient practices.

Using data loggers (which monitor daily water use in 15 minute intervals) participating schools are better able to understand their water use and identify faults or leaks that may not have been recognised as quickly, or at all.

SWEP is available to every Victorian school. The program provides access to subsidised data loggers, a dedicated website, specialist advice and curriculum materials for monitoring and managing water consumption and continuing the water efficiency education of Victorian school children.

Schools can register on the SWEP website or email