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National Water Week Online Learning Festival

National Water Week, 18-24 October 2021, inspires individuals, communities and organisations to build awareness around the value of water.

Welcome to Explore your Backyard, this year’s Online Learning Festival for National Water Week.

Each day of National Water Week we will be exploring a different theme related to your home, your backyard, local waterways and the environment.

National Water Week will be packed with informative presentations, on-demand videos and activities to suit all ages and abilities. Register your interest and stay up-to-date, so you don’t miss out on the fun!

Choose from one of the options below which best suits you. There's something for everyone!

This year’s themes:

  • Monday 18 October: Traditional Owners – Connection to Land and Water
  • Tuesday 19 October: Water at Home
  • Wednesday 20 October: Water in the backyard and the environment
  • Thursday 21 October: Water for Health
  • Friday 22 October: Water in the Community
  • Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 October: Exploring local waterways and parks with your family!

Event preview

Monday 18 October

  • 9.30am: The winner's of this year's poster competition. View on YouTube.
  • 10am: Join Costa the Garden Gnome for a ‘live’ chat. Learn about your garden, how to take care of it and tricks and hacks to save water in the process. View on YouTube (1:05mins).

Wednesday 20 October

  • 12.30pm: Bee and Butterfly Encounter - Join Sam from Labcoat Learning for an up-close look at bees and butterflies! Learn why bees and butterflies are great for our gardens. Plus, find out about the importance of water for invertebrates and how you can help. NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Thursday 21 October

  • 12.30pm: Sharing spaces – how you can help your local birds: Join Dr Holly Parsons from Birdlife Australia, and explore the wonderful world of birds. Holly is the Urban Bird Program Manager and will share tips on how to identify the birds that visit your backyard or nearby parkland. Holly also has useful ideas to help you provide habitat and resources for our feathered friends. This event requires bookings. Register here.

What else can you expect?

  • On demand videos, activities and educational resources for children/students of all ages, including all learning styles and across multiple curriculum areas and include hands on experiments and online learning.
  • PLUS loads of activities and on-demand videos brought to you by dirtgirl from ABC's dirtgirlworld. Click here to learn about the amazing water cycle, where rain comes from and how to look after and save our precious water.

Get involved!

All activities are free of charge and available for use throughout National Water Week.

You can use the videos and activities on any day and in any way.

We'd love to see what you create and how you get involved in National Water Week. Simply share your completed activities, artworks or experiments, either by scanning or taking a photo, and send to We can’t wait to see your creations!