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Community resources

Watch our videos to learn all about how to save water in your home and community, how the water cycle works, how water gets to your taps and how important water is for your health.

Relax and breathe deep with some yoga and mindfulness, and have fun with our water themed activities! Complete our family and household challenges to learn even more!

We'd love to see what you create and how you get involved in National Water Week. Simply share your completed activities, artworks or experiments, either by scanning or taking a photo, and send to or 0404 865 597 (please include an email address). We can’t wait to see your creations!

Video resources

  • Good hygiene and keeping healthy: Join us to learn how to wash your hands properly to help fight germs and keep healthy. Watch this video on YouTube.

  • Don’t flush it!: Watch this entertaining video to learn what not to flush down the toilet. Watch this video on YouTube.

  • Yoga, mindfulness and the five stages of the water cycle: Join us to experience the water cycle through gentle yoga movements. Watch this video on YouTube.

  • Mind and body relaxation using yoga: Doing this short mindfulness exercise and a few simple yoga stretches throughout the day can help to relieve tension in your body and keep your mind calm and alert. You can undertake these exercises anytime. Watch this video on YouTube.

  • Journey of a water droplet relaxation: Get comfortable, close your eyes, and be taken on a relaxing journey through the water cycle. Watch this video on YouTube.

  • 3 minute breathing space: This 3-minute meditation is easy to learn and portable - it can be practised anywhere. Watch this video on YouTube.

  • How to check for water leaks: Learn how to read your water meter to see how much water you use or to check if you have a water leak. Watch this video on YouTube.

Theme: Celebration of Water

These activities are available for the duration of the Online Learning Festival.

  • Water art: Draw, use collage or any other medium to create an art piece representing water in various parts of the landscape.

Theme: Water For Health

These activities are available for the duration of the Online Learning Festival.

  • Family Healthiest Drinks Competition: Watch our Water for Health video. Complete our Family Healthiest Drinks Competition to see which family member drinks the healthiest drinks over one week. Download the ACTIVITY SHEET(417KB).

Theme: Water For Home

These activities are available for the duration of the Online Learning Festival.

  • Design your own board game (The Arts): Design a board game about using water wisely (e.g. drips and hoses instead of snakes and ladders) or a card game like snap, with waterwise images on the cards. Use the games here to help you:
  • Family short showers competition: Investigate and discuss with your family how many litres of water are used for an average two-minute shower. Discuss setting an alarm on your watch/iPad/phone while you have a shower and try to stick to the time limit. Have a competition in your family - who can take short showers all week?
  • Sign up for WaterAid Walk for Water to make a difference to communities around the world.

Theme: Water For the Environment

These activities are available for the duration of the Online Learning Festival.

  • Protecting our Waterways: Discuss with your family the importance of making sure we keep our waterways clean. Make a poster together as a family to put in your front window to remind people walking past not to drop rubbish/to pick up rubbish when they go on their daily walk OR Make a family agreement to take tongs and a bag to pick up at least 3 pieces of litter each when you go for a walk or visit your local park. Keep a tally of how much you collect during the week. Maybe the family member who picks up the most rubbish gets to choose a special dessert one night!

Theme: Water for our Community

These activities are available for the duration of the Online Learning Festival.

  • Discuss with the people you live with the positives, negatives and any improvements you can make to your water usage, with the aim of reaching Target 155!

Theme: Exploring local waterways and making a difference in our community!

Spend some time over the weekend enjoying your local waterways and natural environment, having fun with water and making some family goals to become more waterwise and sustainable at home!

Enjoy these activities and resources with your friends, family and community.