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Grade 3 - 6 resources

Access our engaging water themed videos and resources to complement your Primary School Curriculum during National Water Week!

Upper primary students will utilise literacy, science and mathematical thinking skills to work through tasks and activities designed to stimulate thinking and discussion about water, and encourage creativity and the use of digital technologies.

We'd love to see what you create and how you get involved in National Water Week. Simply share your completed activities, artworks or experiments, either by scanning or taking a photo, and send to or 0404 865 597 (please include an email address). We can’t wait to see your creations!

Video resources

  • Meet Western Water's education team: Alice, Alison, Sammy the Snake and Frances the Frog. Watch the video on YouTube.

  • Good hygiene and keeping healthy: Join us to learn how to wash your hands properly to help fight germs and keep healthy. Watch this video on YouTube.

  • Water for health: Drinking water is important. It helps us maintain good health, keeps up our energy levels and enables us to think clearly. Join Sammy the Snake to learn all about Water for Health and what goes into a sugary drink. Watch this video on YouTube.

  • Water wise at home: Are you a Water Warrior or a Water Waster? Discover the many ways we use water in and around our homes, and how we can all become Water Warriors. Watch this video on YouTube.

  • Exploring weather and the water cycle: Water is a precious resource and used every day in so many ways. Our clever planet is constantly recycling and renewing our water in a continual process called The Water Cycle. Watch this video on YouTube.

  • How water gets to your taps, including make-your-own water filter activity: Ever wondered where our water comes from and how it is cleaned and delivered to you? Western Water proudly plays a very important role in this process. Watch this video on YouTube.

  • Don’t flush it!: Watch this entertaining video to learn what not to flush down the toilet. Watch this video on YouTube.

  • Yoga, mindfulness and the five stages of the water cycle: Join us to experience the water cycle through gentle yoga movements. Watch this video on YouTube.

  • Star meditation: This star meditation calms the mind, and can be done at any time. It helps to improve wellbeing for everybody and it’s so easy to do. Watch this video on YouTube.

  • Mind and body relaxation using yoga: Doing this short mindfulness exercise and a few simple yoga stretches throughout the day can help to relieve tension in your body and keep your mind calm and alert. You can undertake these exercises anytime. Watch this video on YouTube.

  • Journey of a water droplet relaxation: Get comfortable, close your eyes, and be taken on a relaxing journey through the water cycle. Watch this video on YouTube.

Theme: Celebration of Water

These activities are available for the duration of the Online Learning Festival.

  • Join Sammy's Waterwise Club: Free to join and open to all primary school aged children, you will receive a welcome pack, a birthday card each year and can enter Sammy's competitions to win some fun prizes! Visit our online form or DOWNLOAD A PRINTABLE FORM(1MB).

  • Learn how to create a Water Warrior Thaumatrope (The Arts): It’s lots of fun, and a creative way to share your Water Warrior messages. Download the ACTIVITY SHEET(2MB).

  • Be creative and write a watery poem using all of your senses (Literacy): Download our ACTIVITY SHEET(3MB) to help you!

  • Water Warrior Bookmarks (Literacy): Create your own bookmarks using our template and share water saving messages with friends and family. Download the ACTIVITY SHEET(360KB).

  • Make a lake and build a tiny twig raft (STEM experiment): Make a tiny twig raft, test it with a Lego person and see if it floats! Download the ACTIVITY SHEET(2MB).

Theme: Water For Health

These activities are available for the duration of the Online Learning Festival.

Theme: Water For Home

These activities are available for the duration of the Online Learning Festival.

  • Design your own board game (The Arts): Design a board game about using water wisely (e.g. drips and hoses instead of snakes and ladders) or a card game like snap, with waterwise images on the cards. Use the games here to help you:
  • How much water do I use in a day? Estimation Maths Activity (Numeracy): Use our ACTIVITY SHEET(2MB) to help you estimate how much water you use in a day!

  • Mapping your taps (Numeracy): Explore your house and backyard and be surprised to discover just how many taps you have. Download the ACTIVITY SHEET(3MB).

Theme: Water For the Environment

These activities are available for the duration of the Online Learning Festival.

  • Yoga and mindfulness (Health, PE, Mindfulness): Watch our Yoga and Mindfulness video. Run a gentle water cycle movement class for your family or friends. Download the ACTIVITY SHEET(3MB).

  • Water mindfulness colouring (The Arts, Mindfulness): Take some deep breaths, find somewhere relaxing to sit, and use your favourite textas or pencils to complete our mindfulness colouring activity. Download the ACTIVITY SHEET(2MB).

Theme: Water for our Community

These activities are available for the duration of the Online Learning Festival.

  • Our beautiful planet (Science, Literacy, The Arts): Research images of Earth from space and images of the globe. Using the shapes of the continents and the oceans, trace a circle and sketch a view of the Earth showing Australia. Colour the continents green and the oceans blue, and think about how lucky we are to live on this beautiful planet. Around the image of Earth, write a message about how precious our planet is.

  • Become a meteorologist (Science, The Arts, Digital Technologies): Make an iMovie with the weather forecast for each day of the coming week. Look at your local Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) site to help you and make a weather forecast pretending you are the presenter. Try to add in a few funny weather related jokes!

  • Be creative and share Water Warrior messages with your community (Literacy): It’s easy to spread the word, check out our ideas in our ACTIVITY SHEET(3MB).

Theme: Exploring local waterways and making a difference in our community!

Spend some time over the weekend enjoying your local waterways and natural environment, having fun with water and making some family goals to become more waterwise and sustainable at home!

Enjoy these activities and resources with your friends, family and community.