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Preschool resources

Play, explore and learn together with water! Our water themed preschool activities will engage children in hands on learning, stories, songs and watery fun.

The activities are designed to provide opportunities for group discussion, team-work and creativity, all whilst learning about our most precious resource - water!

We'd love to see what you create and how you get involved in National Water Week. Simply share your completed activities, artworks or experiments, either by scanning or taking a photo, and send to We can't wait to see your creations!

Theme: Traditional Owners - connection to Land and Water

These activities are available for the duration of the Online Learning Festival.

  • Water cycle colouring activity: Explore the Water Cycle with these mindfulness colouring pages, designed to make you feel relaxed and focused. Download the ACTIVITY SHEET
  • Float and sink water science: Using water and objects around your classroom/house, have fun experimenting to see what floats and sinks. Download the ACTIVITY SHEET

Theme: Water at Home

These activities are available for the duration of the Online Learning Festival.

  • Blowing bubbles: Use a drinking straw and a container with soap flakes and water. Show your child how to blow, not suck. To make bubbles that float in the air add a little cooking oil to the mixture. You could even try making some bubble art! Download the ACTIVITY SHEET(3MB)
  • Create a Water Surprise Bag: Include laminated pictures or objects related to water. Children sit in a circle. The educator chooses an object or image from the bag and describes it to the children without showing them. The children can then try to guess what it is... If they guess it right, place it in the middle of the circle and choose another! Example of possible pictures/objects: piece of hose, water bottle, ocean image, river image, lake image, water creatures, boats, cloud image, rain image, sun image, etc.

Theme: Water in the backyard and the environment

These activities are available for the duration of the Online Learning Festival.

  • Cloud artwork: Learn about different types of clouds. Use cotton wool and blue paint or crayons to make an art piece about clouds. Download the ACTIVITY SHEET(2MB).
  • Water for washing and cleaning: Children love to wash and clean. Use some gentle soap, scrubbers, cloths and tubs of water. Get them involved with washing up plastic containers and toys/objects, washing and cleaning outdoor furniture. Show them how to squeeze out the cloth and know which tap is for hot and cold water.
  • Join dirtgirl from ABC's dirtgirlworld for loads of activities and on-demand videos. Click here to learn about the amazing water cycle, where rain comes from and how to look after and save our precious water.
  • Butterflies and Bees - LIVE Bee and Butterfly encounter. View the video here.

Theme: Water for Health

  • Handwashing art activity: Get creative and work together to make art to remind people to wash their hands. Download our ACTIVITY SHEET(2MB)
  • Create a play kitchen: Make a play kitchen with cardboard boxes. Draw the hot plates and switches with a texta or glue on lids, paper plates, bottle tops. Pots and pans can be made with foil pie plates and Icy pole stick handles. Download our ACTIVITY SHEET(3MB).
  • Healthy food poster/menu: Cut out healthy food pictures from old magazines or use a Google image search and print some images. Make a colourful poster to display as a menu in your play kitchen. Remember to include tap water!

Theme: Water in the Community

  • Birdlife AustraliaJoin Dr Holly Parson from Birdlife Australia and explore with the wonderful world of birds. View the video here.
  • Have a group discussion about water: How do you enjoy having fun in water - do you go to the pool in summer? Do you go to the beach? Draw a picture of yourself enjoying or playing with water with your family or friends. Create a group word or picture wall/poster to show your ideas.
  • Make a simple rain gauge: Use our instructions here and use it to find out how much rain falls in your area. Download our ACTIVITY SHEET

Weekend activities: Exploring local waterways and parks with your family!

Spend some time over the weekend enjoying your local waterways and natural environment, having fun with water and making some family goals to become more waterwise and sustainable at home!

Enjoy these activities and resources with your friends, family and community.