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Contractor induction

To be inducted to work with Greater Western Water you will need to complete a few things.

1. Complete the online induction

Register here to access the training

2. Print induction card

After completing the online induction, print your induction card using the 'Print Induction Card' button. Sign and carry the induction card with you.

3. Photo ID

A photo ID may be issued to you if your work involves direct interaction with Greater Western Water customers (i.e. sewer maintenance, meter reading, sewer lining, CCTV, etc). Contact your GWW contact to request a photo ID, ensuring you attach a passport-style photo and a copy of your induction card.

Location specific inductions

When you attend a Greater Western Water operation site for the first time you are required to complete a site specific induction. This induction will make you aware of any site specific hazards and detail any daily activities.