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Endangered Growling Grass Frog thriving at Sunbury Recycled Water Plant

19 November 2019

A recent conservation survey undertaken at Sunbury Recycled Water Plant revealed that the rare Growling Grass Frog is active in the area.

Three, including a juvenile, were observed during the survey, compelling evidence that Western Water’s activities are supporting efforts to protect these endangered animals.

Due to a sudden decline in the population across Australia, in 2001 the conservation status of Growling Grass Frogs was listed as threatened under the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988. They were subsequently declared as endangered in 2002.

Graham Holt, General Manager, Customer, Community Relations and Operations, said: “Western Water regularly works with conservation specialists and environmental experts to ensure our activities do not compromise the natural habitats of wildlife in our service region. We’re committed to sustainability and dedicated to ensuring that our work is respectful and complementary of the natural world.”

Sunbury Recycled Water Plant and the surrounding area was listed as a Growling Grass Frog Conservation Area in 2013. Located on a 52-hectare property in Harker Street, Sunbury, the land contains approximately 1.2km of creek frontage, comprising of remnants of River Red Gums with prominent hollows and a diverse shrub layer. These conditions provide an ideal habitat for many reptiles, birds and mammals along the Jacksons Creek corridor, including Growling Grass Frogs, which are nocturnal and prefer to live in areas with warmer weather, stagnant water, and dense vegetation.


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