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Prices to remain stable for next 12 months

23 June 2020

Western Water’s prices are to remain stable for the coming year, as set out in the Essential Services Commission’s price determination handed down recently.

Western Water’s Managing Director, Jeff Rigby, said: "Keeping bills affordable, encouraging customers to save water, and planning for growth were key considerations for our pricing submission to the Commission".

Earlier this month, the Essential Services Commission announced it had approved Western Water’s three-year pricing plan that focuses on keeping prices down over the next 12 months.

Western Water has undertaken extensive engagement with customers over the past two years to review how they charge and how much they charge.

"In response to customer feedback, we are reducing our fixed services charges, so customers have greater opportunity to reduce the size of their bill if they can use less water," Mr Rigby said.

Western Water will also apply a small increase to the Tier 3 water usage rate. This rate applies to residential customers using more than 880 litres per day.

"With population growth and climate change impacting the availability of water supplies, we want to encourage all customers to consume less water if they can," Mr Rigby said.

"For those that can't, we have support options available, including large family discounts, and we encourage customers to contact us to discuss these options."

Regional growth continues to be a major planning focus for Western Water who will invest more than $90 million in capital works next year, most of which is aimed at meeting demand for services from new residents while maintaining existing service levels.

Western Water’s focus is on customer affordability, particularly as it continues to address the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the community.

Mr Rigby says, "Western Water is well aware of the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic on many customers. We will continue to offer the wide range of support measures already in place, and we can confirm that the only increase to typical water bills on 1 July 2020 will be to reflect the cost of inflation."

The ESC’s final decision on the maximum prices that Western Water may charge for the three-year period starting 1 July 2020 can be found on the ESC website.


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