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Think twice before you flush, urges Western Water

2 July 2019

Western Water is reminding customers to think twice before they flush to help prevent sewer blockages.

To make it easy to remember Western Water says customers should think of the “three P’s” as the only items to be flushed down the toilet, that is, pee, poo, and (toilet) paper.

General Manager, Customer, Community Relations and Operations, Graham Holt, says customers can keep waterways clean by being careful about what they put down the toilet, sink or drain.

“Items such as wet wipes, rags, sanitary products and nappies should never be put down the toilet or sink,” Mr Holt said.

“Flushing anything other than the three P’s can cause a blockage in the sewer pipes or has the potential to harm our waterways,” he said.

Western Water is also reminding customers to dispose of fats and oils correctly and says that pouring these down the sink can create a fatberg and blockages in the pipes.

“Cooking oils and fats should be cooled and discarded in the rubbish bin or specialised compost bin,” said Mr Holt.

While Western Water maintains and manages the main pipelines, property owners are advised they are responsible for blockages that occur in the pipes within their properties.

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