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Western Water innovating to deliver better services to customers

29 August 2019

Western Water is taking a leading role in advocating for technologies that deliver more efficient and responsive services to customers.

In a rapidly growing service region, we are investing in innovative solutions to work practices that save time and money and deliver social and environmental benefits.

Projects include partnering with engineers from La Trobe University to trial the ‘Sewer Access Point Penetration Review Robot’ project, technology that measures corrosion in sewer access points, and trialling the ‘AquaPea’, new technology that can efficiently and sustainably plug leaks at customer properties. Both trial projects are being undertaken in collaboration with the Intelligent Water Networks (IWN).

Innovation makes good business sense as it allows Western Water to find new and better ways of doing business that benefits both Western Water and our customers.

Western Water's service region is growing fast—it's estimated that 50 new families are moving into the region each week, many of them into new developments, which is an incredible number. This means Western Water needs to be ready for growth, to ensure we can plan for and respond to any issues in our network of water and sewer pipes, pump stations, drinking water tanks and recycled water plants.

Western Water will continue to work with the IWN on industry-wide projects while developing our own solutions to improve services to our customers.


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