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Western Water offers flexible payment plans with EasyPay

23 September 2019

Western Water says their customers can make paying bills easier by signing up to a payment program called EasyPay.

EasyPay lets customers spread out the cost of bills, so instead of paying bills three times a year, they can pay smaller amounts on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

Graham Holt, Western Water’s General Manager, Customer, Community Relations and Operations, says almost 8000 customers have already signed up for EasyPay as it’s a great budgeting solution, offering customers more flexibility for paying their bills.

“We know no one likes getting bills, but with EasyPay you no longer have to worry about making lump-sum payments,” Mr Holt said.

“We calculate the payment plan based on the customer’s water usage history and how often they’d like to pay, so it’s very personalised,” he said.

Western Water is also in the process of developing a customer portal that will make it even easier for customers to view and pay their bills online.

Western Water customers can find out more about EasyPay and other payment assistance programs by visiting the website below.


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