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Carting drinking water

Water carters are vehicles that are registered to draw drinking water from Greater Western Water’s water supply in the area previously serviced by Western Water.

The water accessed by water carters can be transported and used for different purposes such as:

  • dust suppression
  • construction
  • livestock
  • landscaping
  • municipal watering
  • private homes that aren’t connected to mains water.

Becoming a registered water carter or renewing your permit

To apply to become a registered water carter:

  1. Download and send us a WATER CARTER / HYDRANT APPLICATION FORM(175KB)
  2. A quote with payment options will be issued to you via your preferred email address as provided in the application.

Applications to become a registered water carter can take up to 10 business days to process.

2022/23 fees:

New/renewed water carter permit application (including one vehicle)$189.93
Each additional vehicle$38.49
Replacement water carter permit sticker$17.14

Identifying registered water carters

Registered water carters display a Greater Western Water or Western Water sticker with their permit number and expiry date.

We conduct random audits to check that water is taken and used appropriately by water carters. We also monitor standpipe and hydrant sites and educate registered water carters to ensure water is drawn appropriately.

If you see someone filling a vehicle without displaying this sticker they may be taking water illegally. You can report them by phoning us on 13 44 99 with their vehicle registration number.

Reporting and billing

Registered water carters are required to complete a WATER CARTERS LOG SHEET(129KB) and send it to Greater Western Water each month.

Registered water carters receive a bill every month.

2022/23 Charges:

Per 1000 litres (1 kilolitre)$2.7543
Electronic key (if required)$30.00 deposit

Standpipe and hydrant locations

Greater Western Water operates drinking water standpipes in towns across the region previously serviced by Western Water for use by registered water carters.

Where a standpipe is not available, water carters can access approved hydrants.

Click here to see and locations of standpipes and approved hydrants.

Using carted water

  • Drinking water taken from Greater Western Water’s system by a water carter is subject to the same water restrictions that may apply to the location where the water is drawn from.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services' Food Safety Unit has information on keeping drinking water safe and private drinking water carters.
  • It is a requirement under the Food Act 1984 that any commercial or private business carting water for human consumption or a purpose connected with human consumption must register with their local council.