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Water pressure

Water pressure can vary depending on the location of your property and the location of Greater Western Water's storage tanks.

After your drinking water has been filtered and disinfected, it is sent to storage basins and tanks located in elevated areas near the townships. The elevation provides the necessary pressure required to gravity feed water downhill to homes and businesses.

Water flow rates can vary depending on the elevation of your property, the elevation of water storage tanks, and the distance from the tanks to your property. Properties located in high country are likely to experience lower water pressure than those properties located on lower ground. In some areas, pumping stations are used to boost pressure in order to supply water at an appropriate flow rate to service customers.

Our Customer Charter sets a minimum flow rate of 20 litres per minute for residential properties, 95% of the time for properties in the area previously serviced by Western Water.

Pressure fluctuations

Pressure fluctuations can occur from time to time. These are often due to high water demand across the system, or the switching on or off of nearby pumping stations.

On very hot days when there is a greater demand for water on the system, water pressure is likely to drop.

Water mains bursts

Greater Western Water is equipped to respond quickly to water main leaks or bursts. If you spot a burst water main, please report it to us on 13 44 99.

When the water main is turned on following a repair, it is done so gradually to avoid water pressure surges. The flow rate at your property should gradually return to the same level prior to the interruption.

Altering your water pressure

Generally, water pressure is determined by the elevation of your property in relation to the water supply system. The pressure at your property is required to be at the level it is to ensure that the system operates adequately for all the customers on the supply system.

After tapping into the water main, it is the property owner's responsibility to control the pressure of water within their property:

  • If your water pressure is too high, a licensed plumber can be engaged to fit a 'Pressure Limiting Valve'. The cost of fitting the valve, and its maintenance, is the responsibility of the property owner.
  • If you are experiencing low water pressure problems please contact Greater Western Water on 13 44 99.