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Non-residential customers

If you have a non-residential property, whether it's for a business or other organisation, resources are available to help you with your water and sewer services.

Open or close your an account

See what you need to do to open or close an account.

Payment assistance

Find out more about our payment assistance programs.

Carting water

Water carters are vehicles that draw water from Western Water's network.

Find out more about:

Trade waste

Trade waste is all liquid waste generated from operating a business that is discharged into the sewer system. Find out more.

Water backflow

Installing a backflow prevention containment device might be needed at your property. It ensure the public water supply is protected from an unintended flow of water back into the water network. Find out more.

Building or renovating

Find out more about developing land, or connecting non-residential properties to Western Water's network

Saving water

We have tips and resources available to help your business save water.

Local economic development networks

There are local economic development networks available to customers in our service region.

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