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Class B & C Recycled Water

Class B & C recycled water can replace the need to use drinking water for a number of commercial and agricultural applications.

Approved agricultural purposes include:

  • irrigation of human food crops grown over one meter above the ground and eaten raw (includes apples, pears and table grapes)
  • human food crops cooked or processed before sale (includes wheat, wine grapes, olives)
  • irrigation of pasture and fodder for some grazing animals including sheep, goats and horses.

Class B & C recycled water can also be used for:

  • recreational turf
  • wash down
  • lavender
  • gardens
  • Christmas tree plantation
  • tree plantations
  • nurseries
  • trees
  • public open spaces and botanic gardens
  • racecourse irrigation
  • Council use

Specific site management controls are associated with the use of Class B & C recycled water.

Accessing Class B & C recycled water

Class B & C recycled water is supplied through pipes, standpipes and farm leases. More.

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