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Piped recycled water supply

Each of Western Water's recycled water plants has a recycled water scheme attached to it, with the exception of Bacchus Marsh. The Sunbury-Melton scheme is our longest pipeline.

Class A recycled water is supplied to homes in Eynesbury and Toolern via a piped supply from the Melton Recycled Water Plant. Read more.

Farm leases exist at Western Water's Sunbury, Melton, Romsey and Bacchus Marsh Recycled Water Plants. Recycled water entitlements are included in these farm leases and the water is used for approved agricultural purposes.

Commercial, industrial, Council, agricultural and some residential customers may be able to access recycled water via a piped supply as part of one of Western Water's recycled water schemes.

Joining a recycled water scheme

If you are interested in joining a new recycled water scheme, please complete an expression of interest form:

If you have an existing recycled water scheme nearby, you can apply to connect by completing an application form:

Annual compliance statement

If you are already connected to a recycled water scheme, you are required to complete an annual compliance statement:


Class B & C recycled water charges:

Off peak (1 April 2020 - 31 October 2020)$0.2541 per 1000 litres
Peak (1 November 2020 - 31 March 2021)$0.4137 per 1000 litres
Off peak (1 April 2021 - 31 October 2021)$0.2596 per 1000 litres
Service charge (2020/21)$662.66 per year

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