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Bacchus Marsh Sewer Duplication (Completed)

We constructed a duplicate sewer main from Holts Lane, Darley to our outfall sewer south of Bacchus Marsh Road.

Project snapshot

Town(s): Bacchus Marsh

Status: Complete

Cost: $3.4m

Expected Completion Date: Completed

What did the project involve?

We constructed a 2.5km sewer main to transfer sewage from Holts Lane, Darley, to the sewer network south of Bacchus Marsh Road. The duplicate sewer was built near the existing sewer main, which was constructed in the 1960s and was nearing capacity.

Why was the project needed?


The sewer pipeline was constructed to ensure we could meet the increased demand for essential sewer services. The existing sewer continues to be used alongside the new sewer.

Why was the construction alignment chosen?

The alignment was chosen as it was next to an existing sewer pipeline, which ran predominantly through agricultural land and away from built-up residential areas, thereby minimising impacts to residents during construction.