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Maddingley Sewer and Water Project (Completed)

We are building a new sewer pipe from Grant Street to the Bacchus Marsh Recycled Water Plant, and constructing a new water pipe from Griffith Street to East Maddingley Road.

Project snapshot

Town(s): Maddingley

Status: Complete

Cost: $9.27m

Expected Completion Date: Completed

What does this project involve?

  • Construction of a 8km sewer rising main, starting at the sewer pump station on Peelmans Lane and traversing Grant Street, Parwan Road, Geelong-Bacchus Marsh Road, Parwan-Exford Road and Parwan South Road before connecting to our recycled water plant at Parwan. It includes the trenchless crossing of the Bacchus Marsh train station.
  • Construction of a new 800m water pipe from Griffith Street to East Maddingley Road. Water pipe will be laid alongside sewer pipe in the same trench along part of the construction alignment, mainly along Parwan Road between South Maddingley and East Maddingley roads.

Contractor Jaydo Construction Pty Ltd is carrying out the work on our behalf. Work hours will be 7.30am–5.30pm Monday to Friday and 8am–1pm on Saturday (if required).

Why is this project needed?

Bacchus Marsh’s population is growing fast, particularly in Maddingley. As such, the existing networks need to be upgraded to ensure Western Water can meet the increased demand for essential sewer and water services.

Will my driveway be affected by the sewer main works?

During construction, contractor Jaydo may need to work across some driveways; however, we’ll notify residents in advance if this is required, and we’ll work with residents to maintain access. Once works are complete, the driveway and roadside will be returned to its original condition. Water may also need to be turned off briefly but again we will notify residents in advance of when this will occur.

Why is a water pipe being constructed at the same time as the sewer main?

A new water pipe is needed to boost water pressure downstream to businesses in Parwan, an area that is projected to have economic growth in coming years.

Part of the construction alignment—at the southern end of Grant Street and a section of Parwan Road between South Maddingley and East Maddingley roads—will include the laying of both water and sewer pipes in the same trench. This means we can consolidate construction and reduce impacts to residents along Parwan Road.

What impacts can I expect during construction?

Construction impacts to a minimum; however, the following is likely to occur:


We anticipate there will be some impacts to road users, as construction will take place along the Grant Street service road, Maddingley Recreation Reserve car park and Parwan Road rail crossing. Traffic management will be in place during this time.


Some noise can also be expected from the operation of machinery but this will occur during the daytime, thereby minimising any disruption.


There will be excavation work near the roadside. Fencing, barricades and trench covers may be used near the work site to ensure public safety.

What do we consider when planning a project?

There are several factors that inform our project planning. These include environmental and geotechnical impacts, cultural heritage, specialist investigations (such as a biodiversity assessment), population forecasts, location of other underground services (e.g. electricity, phone/internet, gas lines) and accessibility.

Consideration of future infrastructure in the area, such as major roads and drainage scheme infrastructure is pivotal to our planning along with advice from key stakeholders such as Moorabool Shire Council, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Landcare, Melbourne Water, Vicroads, VicTrack, and Southern Rural Water

Where can I get more information?

You can email or contact us on 13 44 99 during business hours.