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Lancefield is a growing community located in the Macedon Ranges, 69km north of Melbourne.


We use a number of water sources to ensure we can meet demand in Lancefield, even when inflows are low.

Lancefield’s water can be sourced from:

  • local surface water in Garden Hut Reservoir and Lancefield Basin and local bore water (groundwater), treated at the Lancefield Water Filtration Plant. Local water supplies are not fluoridated.
  • Romsey water supplies, treated at the Romsey Water Filtration Plant (not fluoridated)
  • Rosslynne Reservoir, treated at the Rosslynne Water Filtration Plant, near Gisborne (fluoridated), and
  • the Melbourne supply system (fluoridated).

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Lancefield’s sewage is treated at the Romsey Recycled Water Plant.

Recycled water

Romsey Recycled Water Plant produces Class C recycled water.

The recycled water is used to irrigate local farms, sportsfields and recreation areas.

Projects and planned works

Steady population growth is expected for Lancefield. To cater for this and ensure we remain compliant with relevant legislation and standards, the following projects are underway: