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Toolern Stormwater Harvesting Project

Western Water completed a stormwater harvesting project in the Atherstone residential estate south of Melton.

Project snapshot

Town(s): Melton South

Status: Under construction

Cost: $900,000 for the pilot

Expected Completion Date: Pilot was operational in 2019. Full scheme will be developed over time as more wetlands are constructed in line with urban growth.

Stormwater will be collected from roofs, streets and other hard surfaces for treatment in nearby wetlands.

The treated stormwater will then be transferred to Melton Reservoir for storage and reuse by irrigators downstream on the Werribee River.

By supplying irrigators with stormwater from Melton Reservoir, irrigation demands for water from Merrimu Reservoir are reduced thereby saving more water for drinking water use.

At full development, the Atherstone estate will generate 1,000 million litres (ML) of treated stormwater each year.

Greater Western Water is investigating the feasibility of harvesting additional stormwater volumes from other new residential estates in the Melton growth area where there is potential to harvest in excess of 3,000ML of treated stormwater per year.

Additional treated stormwater may be used to enhance the Werribee River through environmental releases, in addition to supplementing irrigation demands.

The Melton Stormwater Harvesting Project demonstrates the significant benefits of integrated water management planning for new residential estates in our service region.

To ensure the success of this project, Western Water has collaborated with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Southern Rural Water, Melbourne Water, Environment Protection Authority, Melton City Council and local developers including the joint venture by Melton City Council and Lendlease.

The initial stage of the project is jointly funded by DELWP and Greater Western Water.