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Romsey groundwater investigation

Western Water is investigating the feasibility of increasing the supply of groundwater to Romsey’s water supply system.

Project snapshot

Town(s): Romsey

Status: Under investigation

Cost: $300,000

Expected Completion Date: June 2019

What does this project involve?

  • Western Water is investigating the feasibility of increasing the supply of groundwater to Romsey’s water supply system by making better use of its current extraction licence.
  • This increased supply could be achieved by making better use of the existing groundwater extraction licence. This includes a better distribution of licensed bores across the local area.
  • The immediate investigation area is focused on a site to the north of Romsey township and involves exploratory drilling, test pumping and sampling groundwater. The groundwater will need to meet Western Water’s supply and quality requirements before it can enter the local supply system.
  • The investigation will also involve an assessment of extraction on the wider aquifer. Approval by Southern Rural Water is required prior to any long-term extraction.
  • Western Water extracts on average about 12% of its allocated volume.
Romsey Bore2

When will work start?

Drilling at Western Water's high-level tank site is now complete, with one observation bore and one test production bore completed.

The next phase is to undertake a controlled seven-day pump test of the newly constructed test bore, to be undertaken early in late-March 2019. This is to determine how the aquifer yield will respond to the test. Information will also be gathered on water level draw-downs in surrounding observation bores.

Why is this work being undertaken?

  • Enhancing Romsey’s water supply is important, particularly in periods of low rainfall, such as that experienced during the summer and autumn of 2018.
  • Romsey’s water is supplied from multiple sources—the local Kerrie and Wright reservoirs, local groundwater bores, Rosslynne Reservoir in Gisborne, and the Melbourne supply system. Increasing the groundwater supply means a reduction in reliance on Rosslynne and the Melbourne system.

More information

For more information, email or contact Western Water’s Community Engagement Advisor on 1300 650 422 during business hours.

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