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Diggers Rest Outfall Sewer Project (Completed)

Western Water constructed a two-kilometre long sewer pipe to service growth in Diggers Rest’s new housing estates.

Project snapshot

Town(s): Diggers Rest

Status: Complete

Cost: $3 million

Expected Completion Date: January 2020

What did the project involve?

Western Water constructed a two kilometre-long, 450mm outfall sewer pipeline to transfer sewage from Diggers Rest’s new housing estates to the Sunbury Recycled Water Plant for treatment.

Diggers Rest Outfall Sewer alignment

Why was the project needed?

The sewer pipeline was constructed to ensure Western Water meets the increased demand for essential sewer services.

Diggers Rest is growing at a steady rate, with much of the growth to the west of the township—at the St Genevieve and Bloomdale residential developments.

The project complements the $53 million upgrade to the Sunbury RWP, which ensures the plant can cope with increased sewage flows from population growth in both Diggers Rest and Sunbury.

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