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Campaspe Reservoir Upgrade (Completed)

We undertook planning to assess options for the upgrade of Campaspe Reservoir.

Project snapshot

Town(s): Woodend

Status: Complete

Cost: $150,000

Expected Completion Date: 2019


We have completed the review of supply options to Woodend. The review recommended an upgrade to Campaspe Reservoir as the preferred solution to securing Woodend’s water supply.

The works to upgrade the reservoir are expected to commence in 2020/21.

Earlier planning work

A land survey to update the existing contour information was completed in November 2016. Ecologists in December 2016 conducted a vegetation survey on behalf of Western Water. This involved recording vegetation present in areas immediately above the reservoir high water level and proposed construction site.

In 2017, an Environmental Impact Assessment was completed, which included a more detailed vegetation survey. This assessment identified several potential environmental impacts, many of which can be avoided or minimised during design and construction.